Fixing topology on a new character

When I adjust the topology on a character, or modify it enough to make a new one, there are some issues with the topology. There’s pinching and stretching, which makes it not ideal for animation deformation.

Here is my new character in zbrush:



New character in zbrush.


And here is how his topology originally ended up after I was done with sculpting:



Initial topology with unacceptable stretching near the mouth area.


Since his lips are smaller, there was a lot of pinching and stretching near the mouth area.

I started working on a simple method where I duplicated the high poly mesh, then on the original mesh, I used the smooth brush to smooth out topology areas.



Smoothed out mesh with a brush.


After I was done smoothing, I re-projected the high poly mesh onto the newly smoothed one. 99% of the time this works pretty well and I don’t have a lot of re-clean up to do afterward.



The project all button and the results on the left.

The resulting topology is now mostly cleaned up to send to Maya to be skinned.



Fixed topology.



In the character’s mesh file, I transfer the new topology using the transfer attributes tool and I only select the “vertex position” and I use the sample space “topology”.



Transfering the new topology over with the transfer attributes option.

Then, I make a copy of the old character’s skinning file. I export the skin weights using the Deform > export skin weights in the rigging menu and re-import with the import option after making tweaks to the head rig.