Hello again. I just wanted to make a brief post on some of the scripts I’ve been making to aid my thesis project.

The first script is very simple. I have a control rig and a skin rig. To save time for myself, I save the skin joints in a variable, then the control joints. Then the appropriate joints are skinned to the other. This is helpful when I have many joints I need to parent constraint and make changes to my rig hierarchy.

The next is actually just a few expressions I use for controlling blend shapes and the external face control rig. The reason I made the face control expression was so that I could easily control a joint with multiple controls. The blend shape expression was made because I’ve had to export and reimport my blend shapes a few times and I didn’t ware-import-key every blend shape individually. Also, when I bring in a new character, it will be easy to transfer the blend shapes over to the new geometry. I currently have 26 blend shapes, so this has saved a lot of time, and it’s much easier to debug.

The last script is the baking animation script. Before a rig gets sent to Unreal, I need to bake the joints and blend shapes, then strip out the control rig that won’t be used anymore in Unreal. Selecting all of the joints, baking them, etc, took a while. So this script allows me to select the chosen bones and blend shapes, the chosen meshes to export, and the “junk” stuff. It bakes the bones and blend shapes, deletes the “junk” then exports the mesh to a chosen folder after prompting for a name of the fbx file. There’s also an option to re-open the file with all of its joints returned to a pre-bake state so that I can then send out another different animation from the same file.